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Agile Circuit Co., Ltd is a customer-orientated company specialized in providing solutions for an extensive range of custom circuit boards with good quality, high efficiency at competitive prices. We supply PCB boards for a wide range of applications, such as computer, telecommunication, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial control, aerospace, medical, military and other electronic assembly industries. Start from 2003, we are growing from offering customers with single service of printed circuit boards to support comprehensive service with advanced circuits, PCB porotypes, mass PCB production, PCB assembly, parts purchasing in one stop PCB turnkey solutions. Our goal is to be your best reliable partner helping you finish from the PCB design to the custom circuit boards products. Our mission is to save time & cost for you, reduce the possible risk to find the responsibility of multiple suppliers included. We continuously innovating and expanding our products and services, providing one-stop cost-effective PCB solutions to meet all of your needs. PCB service we offer:
PCB manufacturing service
Multi-layer PCB boards manufacture
Advanced circuits PCB
PCB Prototype fab
PCB assembly turnkey
HDI PCB, RF PCB manufacture
Blind & buried via PCB
Aluminum MC PCB
Flexible FPC board
Our advantages include:
Competitive Cost – We consistently endeavor to offer our customer with competitive cost enable them keep their advantage in the market.
Diverse Services– Whether you need PCB prototype or mass production, bare circuit boards or turnkey PCB assembly solutions, we could support you in one stop.
Fast delivery – We support quick turnaround together normal lead time to meet customers’ different requirements.
Guaranteed Quality – We have a great team with certified management to make assured your circuit boards’ quality.
No MOQ requirement – We understand either your product in first stage or it is small market you need sample or small run. We insist no business is too small, we will also try our effort to support and charge reasonable cost for small run prototype.

Reliable PCB supplier from China
Many customers tell us that the most important reason they come back and recommend us to their partner or friends is our reliability. They could be assured and keep peace to make their PCB board at our company.
Competitive cost PCB manufacturing
We offer high quality customized PCB boards at competitive cost, because we know the importance of the cost to a product’s success. We have cost control for each process in order to provide our customer low cost PCB.
High quality circuit boards offered
Our high quality PCBs come out from the raw material we choose, advanced equipment we use, process control we follow, qualified management abide by and all our professionals we have.
Services more than circuit board manufacture
Except circuit boards manufacture, we offer also PCB assembly, some PCB layout, engineering, PCB turnkey service. All we strive to extend our PCB is to save time and money for them.
Fast turnaround and quick response
We provide fast turnaround PCB service and quick response for PCB inquiry. For double sided PCB prototype, we support 12 hours fast service
Free DFM PCB design checking
We have professional engineer provide full engineering support for customer. Free DFM helps to save cost and reduce potential problem during PCB manufacturing.



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