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Protective circuit device of small controller

Time:2021-05-18 15:33

Background: The Russian R&D team mainly studies mechanical control. We have cooperated with us for many years, and the samples at the initial stage of product design are all produced from our company. Because we have a strong design team, professional engineers, and supporting factories. Because the early design has more or less loopholes, it may not be discovered during the design. But the actual production will encounter various problems, so our company's flexibility is well reflected. Our company can discover the irrationality of the product in time and provide reasonable suggestions. The production staff's superb welding technology can flexibly respond to various designs.
Products Purpose: Protective circuit device of small controller.
Working principle: Convert the volts higher than the used voltage to the volts that can meet the normal use of the circuit, so as to meet the normal use of the equipment. And it can ensure the voltage stability, will not have the effect of burning the line, and ensure the normal operation of the overall line.
Product features: It is a simple two-layer board, the circuit layer can be seen as shown in the figure below. One circuit layer is inside, and the other layer is the pad layer. The whole product is designed to be fully plug-in version, and there is no pad layer on the side with components, and it needs to be soldered on the reverse side. The full plug-in version of the product is neat and clean, can be drawn directly and then carved out, with good circuit connectivity and reliable welding quality. The product is ordinary green solder mask with white silk screen. The copper thickness customer requirement is 1OZ.
Sample production: In the initial inquiry stage, there are many problems in the initial inquiry materials. For example, there are only descriptions for 3 capacitors, so our engineer recommended the corresponding model to the customer's designer for confirmation. Resistor R1 has 4 different voltages and 3 resistance values. After passing the ditch, it was discovered that the original customer's original design was a product of 4 specifications. After discussion, the customer decided to keep the product design of 24V and 48V and put into sample production.
However, the most important component, the power supply module, has a particularly long delivery time, because the special function requires special customization by the factory. While waiting for the power module, our engineers raised a question, if the output voltage is different, then if the corresponding capacitance is the same as 10nf, can it withstand. The customer’s engineer re-modified the design according to our EQ and updated the capacitor for the 48v power supply module in order to work more stably.
Finally, regarding R8, the reference drawing provided by the customer is a resistor. But the model number on the BOM is a jumper. Finally, it is confirmed that the jumper can achieve the same function and can reduce the cost, so choose to use the jumper to solder. 
When all the materials were completed and prepared, we found a problem with IQC. There are two jumpers on the finished product as shown in the above picture. However, when the IQC was produced in the early stage of the furnace, it was found that the jumper selected by the customer had melted after the high temperature of the soldering furnace. phenomenon. After discussion, it is decided that the customer agrees to use the jumper wire type recommended by our engineers first, or to ensure the quality of the finished product is the most important.
After a long wait of one month, when the customer received the finished product test, he found that the product could not work. So we conducted a video conference to test the accuracy and capacitance of each component. Finally, it was found that there was a short circuit, which led to deviations in the test results. The final customer found out that the PCB version they provided to us was an old version and the circuit had been changed. The position of the red box in the picture below, in fact, the final circuit layer has been changed, but the designer sent the old version to our company when it was put into production. After finding the reason, our company quickly reproduced a new PCB and sent it to the customer for testing.
After the second batch of tests, it was found that the sample test function was good, and the product has been put into trial production in small batches. Customers are very happy that we can fully support their design, and can quickly feedback the phenomenon to find countermeasures. Although we are separated from each other, we at JY are like their own production workshop. We can immediately implement and verify our ideas. The customer decides that if the small batch test is passed, the test procedure is also transferred to JY. Thank you for your recognition.



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