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Project Category: High density HDI board
Project description: RF signal requirements are high, high density layout, baseband part requires strict topology and timing relationship. Structure has high requirements and special requirements. Mixed digital and analog signal design. Require high ESD performance. High requirements for characteristic impedance. Strict cost control and minimum number of layers.
Design description: Combined with the PCB design specification of Huacheng Xinde, the performance and reliability of RF part and baseband part are considered comprehensively. In the layout stage, the reference circuit of RF is fully considered and combined with the previous design experience to take the optimal design solution for the specific requirements. Adopt the domestic processing feasible buried blind hole design scheme. Combined with the PCB processing plant process, the impedance control of the alignment.
Product conclusion]: RF signal quality, power supply test, stability, baseband part fully meet the requirements. Once through the RF test and high and low temperature experiments to verify.

Number of layers: 8
Board thickness: 0.8+/-0.1mm
Board material: EMC EM-285
Minimum line width/spacing: 0.06/0.063mm
Thickness to diameter ratio: 2.932
Minimum hole diameter: 0.1mm
Surface treatment: Immersion nickel gold
Process: Laser drilling, hole-filling plating on the whole board, silk-screening with anti-chemical gold ink
Application: Mobile phone

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