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Computer pcb

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With data as the core, computers are characterized by accurate calculation, high-speed operation and intelligent application, which completely break the boundaries of time and space. The increasing demand for cloud computing, big data, social, entertainment and mobile devices has greatly improved work efficiency, enriched life and entertainment, and promoted the improvement of work and life experience in modern society.
Computer class pcb board

Substrate: FR4 TG140 
Board thickness: 1.6mm 
Number of layers: 4 layers 
Inner layer minimum line width and line spacing: 0.15/0.15mm 
Outer layer minimum line width and line spacing: 0.15/0.15mm 
Minimum hole diameter: 0.25mm 
Finished copper thickness: inner layer outer layer 1 OZ 
Surface treatment: gold + gold finger 
Application areas: computer boards 

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