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The characteristics of LED are very obvious, long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption.

Smart LED light is through the perfect integration of LED and sensing technology, control technology, so that energy saving to a new level.
The basic functions of intelligent LED, etc.
  First, the community building scene, when someone enters the sensor detection range, the intelligent channel light will automatically light up, when the person leaves, after a delay of OFF time lighting off.
  Second, the home or shopping mall scene, through the cell phone APP control LED light brightness, switch, color and linear change, etc.
  Third, restaurants and other public scenes, through the QR code on the light body, can be used as the entrance for guests to order food
  Fourth, the bar scene, through scanning the QR code on the light body, can be used as an entrance for social interaction, allowing users to precipitate intelligent LED light core components.
The main components include LED light control circuit board, power supply, lampshade, etc.



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